Two X – 1st Single ALbum

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Two X – Boom Take Clap Lyrics

English Translation: Soon! or you can submit the translations Romanized: Get ready to boom and make it clap It’s Two X Everybody boom! Ibamui pyeolchyeojil nae mabeopgateun kkum bimilseureon yeojaui music like a boom Jom…

Two X 1st Single Album Cover

Two X – Double Up Lyrics

English Translation: My wilted love has run out and I’m thirsty because of the lack of love As if I’m walking across the desert, as if my whole body is burning As if lightening hit…

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Two X – Ring Marks Lyrics

English Translation: Going crazy, exhausting, hurt, my heart I pick up the ring The me you thrown away, the me you had forgotten, I locked the door and cried While holding back my tears to…