The Penthouse OST

HAJIN The Penthouse OST Part 2 Cover

HAJIN – Crown Lyrics

English Translation: Walking up alone and cold I’m throwing out my cry Hiding in the light That I can’t escape from Run into the frozen time My heart was pushed onto the cold floor Can’t…

Han Seung Hee The Penthouse OST Part 3 Cover

Han Seung Hee – Desire Lyrics

English Translation: Your cold, single teardrop that I’m holding in my hands Became a thorn and spread in me When I found out that all the people I wanted became yours Only emptiness remained in…

18Again The Penthouse OST Part 4 Cover

18Again – You left to me Lyrics

English Translation: I see you from far away But I’m calming my heart once more Telling myself that whatever you say I can accept it You left me and I remember the way you talked…