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The Devil Judge OST

HuckleBerryfinn The Devil Judge OST Part 1 Cover

HuckleBerryfinn – Tempest Lyrics

English Translation: Staying up all night Thinking about your eyes When the morning light shines I shake off the darkness You said I’ll live in the sunlight In the sunlight, in the sunlight You said…

Sondia The Devil Judge OST Part 2 Cover

Sondia – Nightmare Lyrics

English Translation: What face am I making in the past memories? I try to remember but I can’t I can’t breathe I can’t breathe Save me from this darkness that has lost its light I…

Zeenan The Devil Judge OST Part 3 Cover

Zeenan – What you gonna do Lyrics

English Translation: Hey man, I’m broken, I can’t be fixed My god, I’m praying, please forgive me I’m making trouble again and I’m happy about it Mama, oh what’s different about me from them? You…

HuckleBerryfinn The Devil Judge OST Part 4 Cover

HuckleBerryfinn – The Nights Lyrics

English Translation: The wind blows from far away Falling asleep somewhere Your night Is shining on me I’m inside a dream inside of a dream Endlessly circling around The image of you Is waking me…