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Tale of the Nine Tailed OST

Kim Jong Wan Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 1 Cover

Kim Jong Wan – Blue Moon Lyrics

English Translation: In the memories that went so far away that I can’t reach I’m looking for you again under the blue moonlight Countless nights pass And a new days have come But still at…

Shownu Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 2 Cover

Shownu – I′ll Be There Lyrics

English Translation: Through the bleak darkness The faintly reflected yet familiar face gets clearer When I think I forgot you, you suddenly came to me Messing up this place Suddenly, you voice calls out And…

LYn Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 3 Cover

LYn – Moonchild Ballad Lyrics

English Translation: I know Even if we don’t say anything I know your heart Words left unsaid are buried deep in my heart Each night that I wait to see you again I feel your…

Yang Da Il Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 4 Cover

Yang Da Il – Diary of Dawn Lyrics

English Translation: This dawn resembles you so much So I’m locked in my thoughts until late With old memories that should have faded This deepening night is getting colored with you With the beautiful you…

YooA Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 7 Cover

YooA – Stay With Me Lyrics

English Translation: During those times I had nowhere to place my heart I didn’t know how to erase my feelings So I always hurt alone Look at me Your eyes that look at me make…

Miyeon Tale of the Nine Tailed OST Part 8 Cover

Miyeon – My Destiny Lyrics

English Translation: So much time has passed You and I, we both changed a lot The love that I learned from you Always made me look for you But you’re right in front of me…