Super Junior K.R.Y. 1st mini-Album

When We Were Us is the 1st mini-Album of Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior K.R.Y.. This will be their first ever South Korean album release since their sub-unit debut in 2006.

First Announced:May 7, 2020
Release Date:June 8, 2020
Group:Super Junior K.R.Y. (슈퍼주니어-K.R.Y.)
Main Group:Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)
Active Members in this Album:Kyuhyun
Links:Official Website

Song List:

There are a total of 6 songs from their mini-Album.

All songs contains a link that you can visit to view the lyrics and English translations.

Track No.TitleLyrics by:
1When We Were Us (lead single)
(푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절)
4Beontaja (4번타자)
2Way to Busan (부산에 가면)ZEENAN, OneTop, Oh Seungeun
3The Way Back To You (너에게로)Iseuran (이스란)
4I Can’t (할 수 없는 일)Youngjun (of Brown Eyed Soul)
Hong Joon Jeon (전홍준)
5Home (기대)MonoTree (모노트리)
6Midnight Story (별의 동화)4Beontaja (4번타자)

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