SISYPHUS: the myth OST

GSoul SISYPHUS the myth OST Part 1 Cover

GSoul – Stay(tempus) Lyrics

English Translation: She says just go I turn around To this place Again today As if I’m standing in the past Always with a shadowy face Can you see me looking at you? Just stay…

AILEE SISYPHUS the myth OST Part 3 Cover

AILEE – My Last Love (In Paradisum) Lyrics

English Translation: In this endless darkness The cold wind blows Is it the sighs of the moon? In my eyes that are tired and closed You’ve grown blurry with my tears It’s sad and it…

DOKO SISYPHUS the myth OST Part 5 Cover

DOKO – True (vertitas) Lyrics

English Translation: Without even knowing I’m suffocating In this place filled with lies I must protect myself Woo woo I can’t look back now Woo woo I must overcome Once again I can’t retreat anymore…