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Second Husband OST

Kim Yang Second Husband OST Part 1 Cover

Kim Yang – A Habit Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t even touch the scars that are deep inside of me I can’t even talk about the unreachable loneliness I tripped over fear so I held your hand But you disappeared like…

Kim Chu Ri Second Husband OST Part 2 Cover

Kim Chu Ri – Bye Bye Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Bye bye, words I never wanted to say Words that I’m hearing right now I thought I could always reach you I was colored with you I always looked at you and…

Cha Seo Won Second Husband OST Part 4 Cover

Cha Seo Won – What’s There to Life Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Insaeng mwo inna mwo isseo han beon saneun sesangsa Hago sipeun geon da haeboryeonda Huhoe namji anke Insaeng mwo inna mwo isseo nae tteutdaero jeulginda Namjadapge sarangdo nae maeumdaero Sesangi nae apeul…

Cha Seo Won Second Husband OST Part 5 Cover

Cha Seo Won – Because I Have You Lyrics

English Translation: I thought everything would go well I thought everything would be alright But this isn’t right, it’s getting harder But it’ll be alright if I endure Today and tomorrow, I’m only thinking about…