Royal Secret Agent OST

NFlying Royal Secret Agent OST Part 1 Cover

N.Flying – I’ll Find You Lyrics

English Translation: I’ll find you, I’ll catch you Wherever you are, I’ll run to you I’m always alone so I’m lonely at times But if it’s for you Anything is alright The endless stories scattered…

Lee Seon Royal Secret Agent OST Part 2 Cover

Lee Seon – My Love Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I’m looking at you from behind I’m in secretly in love with you You don’t know How much I love you My love, my love What do I do now? I’ve completely…

ALICE Royal Secret Agent OST Part 3 Cover

ALICE – Accidentally Pass By Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: The more I feel this faint tremble From a corner of my heart I feel so warm when I look at you Tears come to my eyes because I miss you Do…