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Revenge of Others OST

GSoul Revenge of Others OST Part 1 Cover

GSoul – Lost Game Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Settle down, bear all this heat Mallabeorin hansum gipi Step into the dark where I’ve been Jichyeobeorin maeum gipsugi Hwicheongineun balkkeut arae Ppuril naeryeo won’t take my place Right now no one…

Hoody Revenge of Others OST Part 2 Cover

Hoody – Blue Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Don’t know where to go Nun gameun chae Gateun jariman maemdora Sel su eomneun bam hemaeida Baraen gieok Hollo geurineun na Will you tell me now All the reason why Godoen nae…