Reflection of You OST

Lim Kim Reflection of You OST Part 2 Cover

Lim Kim – The Moment Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: When you’re feeling down so low Memories they fill in place How did it came along Why would I run away The moment’s rather as if It has never happened before But…

Janet Suhh Reflection of You OST Part 3 Cover

Janet Suhh – Knocking On Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Knocking on Here again Here you stand Once again I’m sorry don’t know what I’ve done Leaving everything behind I’m falling down All this time You were standing there And I can…

Lee Seung Yoon Reflection of You OST Part 4 Cover

Lee Seung Yoon – I Am Lost Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Old scent Stranger My heart is saying hello No where To hide The shattered heart It’s screeching out again Save me from this ache Whenever I see, you Maybe No way I…