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Hye Ryoung Rascal Sons OST Cover

Taru – Shooting Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Gogaereul deuneun sungan I see I see I feel love Cheotnune ttak neoya neukkyeosseo Geurae neo baro neonikka Gidaryeonnabwa Gaseumi jakku jjiritjjirit Neolboneun maeumi jjaritaejyeo Ireon nal…

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Eru – One Person Lyrics

English Translation: As I bury one person in my heart Day by day, like a fool, I am withering Sometimes, I feel so bad for myself That without knowing, I turn my head so my…

Hye Ryoung Rascal Sons OST Cover

Hye Ryoung – Hurt Hurt Lyrics

English Translation: It was only you that I loved It was also you that I wanted Did you have to go, throwing me away Was it lie that you would come back Why did you…