Once Again OST

There are currently 4 songs released under Once Again Original Soundtrack.

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PartTitleArtistRelease Date
1Let’s Never Meet Again
(두 번 다시 우리)
Park Boram (박보람)May 16, 2020
2With Eyes Closed, With Eyes Opened
(눈 감아도 눈을 떠도)
Lim Seul Ong (슬옹 of 2AM)May 23, 2020
3The Day We Said Goodbye
(우리 이별하는 날)
Ra.L (라엘)May 30, 2020
4Love Is DangerRaina (레이나),
Song Yuvin (송유빈)
June 7, 2020

Drama Information

Once Again
Drama Synopsis: The story revolves around the eventful Song family who can’t get a day of peace and their neighbors in Yongju Market (more on mydramalist)
Hangul:한 번 다녀왔습니다
Romanized:Han Beon Danyeowatseumnida
Literal Title:I Have Been There Once
KDrama Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance, Family
Starring:Lee MinJung
Lee SangYeob
Original Run:March 28 to September 13, 2020