My Dangerous Wife OST

HYOLYN My Dangerous Wife OST Part 1 Cover

HYOLYN – Return Lyrics

English Translation: You exhaust me, we fight every day, damn This game is no fun, no umm After a long night, in the end, you come back to me This is a boring scene, no…

Minnie My Dangerous Wife OST Part 2 Cover

Minnie – Getaway Lyrics

English Translation: What can I do for your love? Crazy everyday without you The silent screams I’ll let you go away from me I know you know we know Nothing lasts forever I know you…

sogumm My Dangerous Wife OST Part 4 Cover

sogumm – Run Lyrics

English Translation: You wouldn’t know that I’ve got you now Suddenly, you You dare tear all my heart apart You’re so fearless, right? You’re wandering through the endlessly dark night I have you in my…