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Mr. Queen OST

Norazo Mr Queen OST Part 1 Cover

Norazo – Bong Hwan A Lyrics

English Translation: Hey bonghwan, hey bonghwan Hey bonghwan, hey bonghwan I used to not be afraid of the world I was free and fearless But how did I get trapped in this body? What exactly…

Jo Hyun Ah Mr Queen OST Part 3 Cover

Jo Hyun Ah – Here I am Lyrics

English Translation: Trembling in this frozen time I’ve stopped walking on this exhausting night Sending my longing along with the wind I’m lost looking for you Where are you Where are you my dear? Here…

SOYOU & Park Woo Jin Mr Queen OST Part 4 Cover

SOYOU & Park Woo Jin – Puzzle Lyrics

English Translation: Words that make my heart pound Words that are so warm like the sunshine (Your heart is so warm) When they pass through my nose It makes my heart flutter (You come to…

DinDin Mr Queen OST Part 5 Cover

DinDin – Keep going Lyrics

English Translation: Just keep going forward, not back Just keep going forward, not back When you feel like nothing’s going your way Don’t think about anything and just listen to this I must run like…

sEODo Mr Queen OST Part 6 Cover

sEODo – The Great Recipe Lyrics

English Translation: You never know what the future brings So what use is it to worry? The moment you embrace the sky Your life recipe will start (I’ll pick this one for tonight) Ahh So…

XIUMIN Mr Queen OST Part 7 Cover

XIUMIN – To my one and only you Lyrics

English Translation: No matter what I say right now It’ll disappear for you tomorrow That’s why I’m saying it Because I don’t want you to know Although you’re brightly smiling at me Again today, without…

Onestar Mr Queen OST Part 8 Cover

Onestar – Like a star Lyrics

English Translation: I’m so glad that it’s you, that you’re by my side Because out of all the stars in the vast universe I met you I love you, I love you, thank you so…

Moon Jong Up Mr Queen OST Part 9 Cover

Moon Jong Up – Venus Lyrics

English Translation: Babe, what are you thinking about right now? I’m going crazy because of you right now You’re dangerous to my heart From your head to your toes There’s not a single part of…

Gyeong Ree Mr Queen OST Cover

Gyeong Ree – But I Miss You Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Ireon maeumeun Maebeon amu yego eopsi Dasi chajawaseo Heundeureo noko Gipeo jilsurok Swipge seolmyeonghal su eopgo Honja namgyeojilkka sasireun Duryeowo But I miss you modeun haruga ontong ne saekkkallo muldeulgo Jiteun saebyeogen…