Melancholia OST

JEMMA Melancholia OST Part 1 Cover

JEMMA – All I Need Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: What a dream That make you feel alive It may go in to the dark But it stays in your heart Why? Too scared to run away. Just swallow sadness Til you…

Sunwoojunga Melancholia OST Part 2 Cover

Sunwoojunga – Darling Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Oh my darling oh my love You are so mysterious Am I dreaming My fantasy Are you ready for the chance This is the last question Whenever you’re in doubt You just…

Band Nah Melancholia OST Part 3 Cover

Band Nah – Lily of the Valley Lyrics

English Translation: Time fills my heart and lives in it You who had grown up over the past years Today, as you have become my flower and thickened i am thankful to you My love…