Mad For Each Other OST

HYUNKI Mad For Each Other OST Part 2 Cover

HYUNKI – The Moment I Met You Lyrics

English Translation: The moment I met you As if it was already decided I’ve fallen in love Is this destiny? I never felt this way before But it didn’t feel unfamiliar I close my eyes…

Solji Mad for Each Other OST Part 3 Cover

Solji – This Comfort Lyrics

English Translation: You couldn’t fall asleep The dawn moon was too long You’re wandering through the night I hope you can peacefully fall asleep Your bruised heart was aching Trapped in the memories that used…

D1CE Mad For Each Other OST Part 4 Cover

D1CE – My Heart is All a Flutter Lyrics

English Translation: It’s because my heart flutters too much, because it’s been such a long time Your soft smile is tickling my heart Maybe you’re the one who changed everything about me Maybe this is…