Lie After Lie OST

Yerim Sohn Lie After Lie OST Part 3 Cover

Yerim Sohn – I’m hurting Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Even if I’m hurting, don’t mind me Because though I chose this tearful day It still feels warm Even if you can’t see me, don’t be surprised Because on some days, my…

KOTA Lie After Lie OST Part 4 Cover

KOTA – How much more pain Lyrics

English Translation: I take one step forward but you’re at the same spot My heart is so tired but I hope I don’t resent you I have no choice but to hope with this sad…

Lee Yu Ri Lie after lie OST Part 6 Cover

Lee Yu Ri – Fake Spring Lyrics

English Translation: Am I only recognizing you now Because I couldn’t do it at first sight? You are a precious gift from above I’m talking about you I don’t want to reveal my pounding heart…