Kkondae Intern OST

There are currently 6 songs released under Kkondae Intern Original Soundtrack.

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PartTitleArtistRelease Date
1Kkondae Latte (꼰대라떼)Young Tak (영탁)May 21, 2020
2Fate in Time (시절인연)Lee Chan Won (이찬원)May 28, 2020
3Uphill (오르막길)Kim Hee Jae (김희재)June 4, 2020
4Shine Bright (찬란하게 빛날 거예요)Lee Soo Young (이수영)June 11, 2020
5Hit The Jackpot (대박 날 테다)Jang Min Ho (장민호)June 18, 2020
6Hey Friend (친구야)Jeong Dong Won (정동원)June 25, 2020

Drama Information

Kkondae Intern
Drama Synopsis: After graduation, Ka Yeol-Chan (Park Hae-Jin) landed his first job at a company. His boss there, Lee Man-Shik, was a “kkondae” which refers to a rigid, old school type of person. He would force his old school ways of thinking on Ka Yeol-Chan. Due to Lee Man-Sik and his old school ways of thinking, Ka Yeol-Chan quit his job there. Ka Yeol-Chan then found a job at a ramen company…(read more on asianwiki)
Literal Translation:Old School Intern
Starring:Park Hae Jin
Kim Eung Soo
Han Ji Eun
Park Ki Woong
Park Ah In
Original Run:May 20 to June 25, 2020

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