Kim Jaejoong 1st mini-Album

JYJ Jaejoong 1st mini-Album Cover

JYJ Jaejoong – Mine Lyrics

English Translation: You are terrible It’s like you are diseased Poison that runs wild in the screams Poison that I am already used to Why does it scream so loudly (okay) I will wake up…

Jaejoong 1st mini-Album Cover

Jaejoong – You Fill Me Up Lyrics

English Translation: “Until the two arms I used with all my might to hug you loosen, I’ll hug you much tighter towards me The overwhelming movie that plays on anxiously hurtfully, The tears that fill…

Jaejoong 1st mini-Album Cover

Jaejoong – All Alone Lyrics

English Translation: Live in the loved memories Cherished pain is also left in there (memories) I tried to hold you back as I fall.. even I cry out (to call you) you wouldn’t come.. Even…