K-Much 1st mini-Album

K-Much 1st mini-Album Cover

K-Much – Don’t Know Anything Lyrics

English Translation: Clap, Clap, Clap (Rock) Clap, Clap, Clap (Rock) Stick with me, come at me with your head, 1 2 3 I’m good to go (hey) Stick with me, I don’t expect much, 1…

K-Much 1st mini-Album Cover

K-Much – I’m Sorry Lyrics

English Translation: At the sound of a familiar voice, I turned around You’re wearing familiar clothes and laughing When I’m hurting like this, when I’m hurting like this You are comfortably living well Another day…

K-Much 1st mini-Album Cover

K-Much – What Should I Do Lyrics

English Translation: Your long legs, your waist, your eyes hey I’ve fallen for them as I draw you out yeah Hey pretty lady, come here Oh my I have frozen up A red lie on…