Jungkey LOVE Album

LOVE is the first EP of artist Jungkey. This is mainly a ballad album with the caption which reads “I met you, fell in love and broke my heart. All of my feelings from beginning to end, you’ll find in this album”.

Artist:Jungkey (정키)
Release Date:June 1, 2020
Album Genre:R&B/Soul

All Songs List

There are a total of 6 songs on the album. With the first and sixth track as an instrumental. All the songs were written by Jungkey.

Each song title contains a link that you can click to view the lyrics and English translations.

Track No.TitleComposer
1LoveJungkey, Park Chan
2Baby (Feat. Vincent Blue 빈센트블루)Jungkey
3My Dear (Feat. MOON)Jungkey
4I Know (Feat. george) (lead single)Jungkey
5weekEND (Feat. jeebanoff)Jungkey