Jieun 1st mini-Album

Jieun 1st mini-Album Cover

Jieun – Janus Lyrics

English Translation: I Can Be Anything(Anything) Two-faced Oh My God Whatever it is you want Oh Janus Janus I’m Here In Heaven’s Door(Heaven’s Door) Unchained Oh My God I’ll show you a new me Oh…

Jieun 1st mini-Album Cover

Jieun – La Boum Lyrics

English Translation: Oh No! I think something hot will happen to me today It’s breathtaking, feels like something new and different I picked out a leopard print outfit Knock on my body Touch my heart…

Jieun 1st mini-Album Cover

Jieun – Star Lyrics

English Translation: The stars that twinkle in the dark night sky They will disappear when morning comes For some reason, it seems like I resemble you today So I close my eyes as I walk…