IVE Mine Album

IVE Either Way Cover

IVE – Either Way Lyrics

Official English Translation: Some say I sound full of myself That I’m just showing off But some say I’m too kind That I’m almost like a fool Sometimes I can’t even understand the looks I…

IVE Off The Record Cover

IVE – Off The Record Lyrics

Official English Translation: It’s time, it’s 2AM Lower your voice to a whisper As the night sets deeper I feel like we can be more honest You know Sometimes, I have ridiculous thoughts Others won’t…

IVE Mine Album Cover

IVE – Baddie Lyrics

Official English Translation: I’m a baddie, b-b-baddie, baddie Pretty little risky baddie Whatever happens, happens Catch me if you can Baddie, b-b-baddie, baddie I’m already not there anymore You can’t find me anyway, but Catch…