Inspector Koo OST

HAJIN Inspector Koo OST Part 2 Cover

HAJIN – UP Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Watching all things around fall apart Things I never thought it could happen but What ever Maybe everybody’s gonna like, Have their doubts I could be the one who’s being talked about…

SURL Inspector Koo OST Part 3 Cover

SURL – Watch Me Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I wanna show you What I can change myself for me So keep an eye on me Find your seat The show’s already started Look at my face now So we can…

TRPP Inspector Koo OST Part 4 Cover

TRPP – Liars (I feel alive) Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Ojik hanaui maeum Iksukan sal Guyeokjil naneun Hanbeon hal manhan ssaum Geojisi naeun Eoseolpeun gongnye I feel alive Gibun nappeun seontaegeun jamsi neoeodulge I’m still alive Eogulhan pyojeongeul doryeonaen saleul wonhae Liars…