Heize 6th Mini Album

Lyricist is the 6th mini-Album of Heize. The album has the same title as the lead single.

First Announced:June 3, 2020
Release Date:June 10, 2020
Album Links:Apple Music

Song List

There are a total of 5 songs included in the album, with the fifth track as an instrumental. She also co-wrote all the songs in the album.

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Track No.TitleLyrics written by:
1Lyricist (작사가) (lead single)헤이즈(Heize)
2Things Are Going Well (일이 너무 잘 돼) (lead single)헤이즈(Heize)
3Your Name (너의 이름은)헤이즈(Heize),
지샤넬 (디너프)
5Not to see you again. (instrumental)

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