GOOD GIRL Episode 4

GOOD GIRL Episode 4 Cover

Ailee, Hyoyeon, Jiwoo – GG Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: [Hyoyeon] Vamos chicas [Jiwoo] Hands up high with all your might, ta ta ta All your troubles, drop it, now now now Shake it as you please, la la la Enjoy it…

GOOD GIRL Episode 4 Cover

Rhythm Power – Knife Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Ok ok ok ok Ebony beat Make a party Masterpiece Mr. Baek in the club so fresh and so clean My eight-bar recipe is so diverse Surrounding businesses, Rest in peace Hang…

GOOD GIRL Episode 4 Cover

Nafla & Loopy – The Win Is Ours Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: We’ll win anyway, hey Countin’ up Countin’ up We’ll win anyway, hey Look, whatever we do, it’s cool You already know, hey I brought it out Of our own success recipe Countin’…