Good Casting OST

CHEETAH Good Casting OST Part1 Cover


English Translation Lyrics: Ah Ah Ah feel it Hey Hey Ah Ah Ah feel it 3 2 1! look it They say to live life just enough Why does that make sense to me now?…

Lee Minhyuk That Day Good Casting OST Part.2 Cover

Lee MinHyuk – That Day Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Nan meonghani geotdaga meomchwoseo Hanchameul baraboda Nunmuri heulleonaeryeo Jal jinaego inneun geojyo Bomcheoreom pogeunhan oneul Geunareul dwidorabomyeo Salmyeosi nuneul gamjyo Jababoryeo aesseudeon Geuttae nan mollatjyo Nae modeun…

Lee Shin Sung Good Casting OST Part5 Cover

Lee Shin Sung – MAYBE LOVE Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: MAYBE LOVE I’m laughing a lot, Even with your childish jokes OH OH When I come to see you without any reason, I suddenly feel like I’m a fool MAYBE OH OH…