Flower of Evil OST

DOKO Flower of Evil OST Part 1 Cover

DOKO – Psycho Lyrics

English Translation: My heart’s pounding Hazy memories You keep pulling me My once ordinary days Now slowly is turning interesting It’s interesting I didn’t want to reveal my hidden self But seeing you tremble Makes…

Lim Yeon Flower of Evil OST Part 2 Cover

Lim Yeon – In My Heart Lyrics

English Translation: You came to me like the wind Helping me breathe when I once couldn’t Within this unknown destiny A starry path is lit up In my heart In my heart, if this is…

Shin Yong Jae Flower of Evil OST Part 3 Cover

Shin Yong Jae – Feel You Lyrics

English Translation: I still remember you You shined like the starry pathway in the night sky I was wandering through dry air with no direction But you came to me It might’ve been the wrong…