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PartTitleArtistRelease Date
1Extra Investigation (번외수사)Kim Jong Seo (김종서)May 22, 2020
2Take On The WorldC-TruMay 23, 2020
3Bring It On!Tymee (타이미)May 29, 2020
4FighterZIKI (지키),
May 30, 2020
5Savage KillerLee Sun Bin (이선빈)June 5, 2020
6TakedownHONGCHA (홍차)
Feat. Boo Hyunseok (부현석)
June 6, 2020
7Last SceneHigh Bro (하이브로)June 12, 2020
8One LifeSUPERBEE (수퍼비)June 13, 2020
9Bang Bang (뱅뱅)ArieBand (아리밴드)June 19, 2020
10Beyond The Memory (기억 저편에)Lee Hyeon Seob (이현섭)June 20, 2020
11Run InHaNa Rumi (하나루미)June 26, 2020
12My TurnSoul Sapiens (소울사피엔스)June 27, 2020

Drama Information

Extra Investigation
Drama Synopsis: Jin Kang-Ho (Cha Tae-Hyun) is an enthusiastic and effective detective. He tries to catch criminals by any means necessary. He also doesn’t get along with other detectives. Kang Moo-Young (Lee Sun-Bin) is an enthusiastic PD of a TV investigative program. The program tries to catch criminals that the police could not. Kang Moo-Young is upright, but she will take risks to reveal the truth. Jin Kang-Ho and Kang Moo-Young unexpectedly meet and they begin to cooperate on unsolved cases. (source: asianwiki)
Other Titles:Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation
Drama Genre:Action/Crime/Drama
Starring:Cha TaeHyun
Lee SunBin
Jung SangHoon
Yoon KyungHo
Ji SeungHyun
Original Run:May 23 to June 28, 2020