EXO Winter Special Album

EXO Star Wars Collaboration Cover

EXO – Lightsaber Lyrics

English Translation: You’re a lone flower. A cold, iced-over gaze, starlight hidden in the depths. If only I could wake you from your long slumber in the jet black darknessā€¦ Follow the bright light stretching…

EXO Winter Special Album Cover

EXO – Sing For You Lyrics

English Translation: With my old guitar I’ll take all the confessions I couldn’t say All the things I swallowed inside And tell you right now as if I made it into a song Just listen,…

EXO Winter Special Album Cover

EXO – Unfair Lyrics

English Translation: If you smile at me like that (Girl, don’t you know?) It’s hard for me to not feel anything I’ve already had several cups of coffee baby But why do I still feel…