Cleaning Up OST

Sam Kim Cleaning Up OST Part 1 Cover

Sam Kim – For You Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: When the autumn leaves change colors And the warmth of my spring has gone All the memories left in summer Of you come one by one I know I’ve tried, I’ve tried…

Sondia Cleaning Up OST Part 2 Cover

Sondia – Hug Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Gireojin Geurimjae du bari mugeowo I bamen Amu dedo gal gosi nan eomne I barame sillyeo Heulleoganeun jeo gureumcheoreom Mugeoun jimeul naeryeonoeun chae Jame deulgo sipeo ttaseuhi Nae du soneul kkok jabajwo…

SURAN Cleaning Up OST Part 3 Cover

SURAN – The Queen Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I kept on walking on this endless road but I couldn’t find it The heaven that I’m looking for I’m walking through the pain It may hurt for a little while But…