Brave Brothers 10th Anniversary

Afterschool Brave Brothers 10th Anniversary Cover

Afterschool – Week Lyrics

English Translation: 3rd project After School And Brave Sound It’s been a long time we back together again With a fresh track for y’all For all ya And it goes little something like this Let’s…

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Juniel – The Next Day Lyrics

English Translation: What crazy thing did I do yesterday? Why did I do that when I know I’d regret? How many times did I call you? I was drunk, it was really bad I probably…

Pink BnN My Darling

Pink BnN – My Darling Lyrics

(Bomi and Namjoo) English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Don’t rush Take it slow baby Just get to know me You know that it’s Brave sound come on Uri saranghanji beolsseo myeot nyeoni…