Bossam Stealing Fate OST

HANYE Bossam Stealing Fate OST Part 3 Cover

HANYE – Song of Destiny Lyrics

English Translation: Through the long night Throwing up lonely and rough breaths Is a young star and you and me This longing has no place to lean on Slowly, in the darkness That star is…

Jeong Hongil Bossam Stealing Fate OST Part 4 Cover

Jeong Hongil – Angular stones Lyrics

English Translation: They say that it’s life But today’s not the only day where things don’t go your way Like the stones that roll around on the ground This day that is filled with scars…

Yeong eun Bossam Stealing Fate OST Part 5 Cover

Yeong eun – Along the trail Lyrics

English Translation: Whispering along the narrow path The sound of two footsteps walking together The brook is flowing as if it’s singing Quietly whispering in my ears The day passed by With those beautiful clouds…