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There are currently 6 songs under the original soundtrack. Each song contains a link for you to listen to the music, read the lyrics and its English translation.

PartTitleArtistRelease Date
1A Flower That Didn’t Bloom
(못다핀 꽃 한송이)
Kim Yong Jin (김용진)April 27, 2020
2Dream (꿈에)Sondia (손디아)May 4, 2020
3Because I Miss You
(보고 싶은 그대니까요)
Zea (제아)May 11, 2020
4Out Of Reach
(내게 올 수 없는 너)
GB9 (길구봉구)May 18, 2020
5FateLee Chan Sol (이찬솔)May 26, 2020
6Like The Stars And The Moon
(별과 달처럼)
Kim Bo Hyung (김보형)June 1, 2020

Drama Information

Born Again (Korean Drama)
Drama Synopsis: The drama tells the story of a detective, his lover that is a bookshop owner and a serial killer. The three were from the 1980s and got reincarnated at the present time as a prosecutor, a medical student and an archaeologist.
Hangul:본 어게인
Romanized:Bon Eogein
Starring:Jang Ki Yong
Jin Se Yun
Lee Soo Hyuk
Original Run:April 20 to June 9, 2020