Birthcare Center OST

SAAY Birthcare Center OST Part 1 Cover

SAAY – Hey MAMA Lyrics

English Translation: How long have I waited For this time to come? Even though my days are the same I will walk fabulously Hey mama do it just like that Here we go now Look…

Sohyang Birthcare Center OST Part 2 Cover

Sohyang – Beautiful Destiny Lyrics

English Translation: Because we are always together Maybe we placed all of our forgotten moments and precious memories Far away in the wind I’m standing in the hard times, trapping myself in my heart Looking…

Jayins Birthcare Center OST Part 3 Cover

Jayins – Revive My Time Lyrics

English Translation: I don’t know when it started But when I close my eyes, I can’t forget and it doesn’t disappear Like the slowly floating cloud It’s always right there My once stopped time is…