bap 3rd single

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B.A.P – YESSIR Lyrics

English Translation: To all my baby, yessir! Follow us yessir! Start, ready action We’re back to the, to the oldschool. Living pearls that flip over the standards of success in this floow Criticism and artists…

B.A.P 3rd Single Album Cover

B.A.P – Happy Birthday Lyrics

English Translation: Listen babe, I’ll dedicate this song for you. A really happy you, who is next to me I waited for today, your birthday Your smile that looks at me oh It’s really, really…

B.A.P 3rd Single Album Cover

B.A.P – Stop It Lyrics

English Translation: Don’t frown with that pretty face If you’re not mad, don’t kill me Don’t just say you’ll understand and that it’s fine Don’t be mad, I want you to smile You can do…