Bad and Crazy OST

Don Mills Bad and Crazy OST Part 1 Cover

Don Mills – Bulldozer Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Butyeo mireobutyeo deurimilji meoributeo Geochimeopsi nallineun combination Deonjil saenggageun eopseo hayan sugeon Ige nae bangsik dwiro an mulleo Subaek beon gomin aniya nae typei Haendeul pillyo eomneun nae life jikjin Bitjigon harutbamdo…

Vincent Bad and Crazy OST Part 3 Cover

Vincent – Out of My Way Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Sometimes, the way you’re in my head Every night, I wanna waste your time You give the knife and Rise it up to your face For begging all my skin You better…

Song Yerin Bad and Crazy OST Part 4 Cover

Song Yerin – Present Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Always holding her tight in my arms, I can feel the warmth of her heart Twinkling her small eyes, they are so lovely I like the way she smiles Someday even if…