Agust D “D-2 Mixtape”

D-2 is the second mixtape from Agust D a.k.a Suga of BTS. It was first announced on May 16, 2020 through a mysterious tweet by BigHit Entertainment’s account.

First Announced:May 16, 2020
Release Date:May 22, 2020
Album Genre:Rap/Hip-Hop (Explicit)
Links:Apple Music


There are a total of 10 songs on the mixtape, all of which were written/co-written and produced by Suga.

Track No.TitleComposer
1MoonlightAgust D/Suga, Ghstloop
2Daechwita (lead single)Agust D/Suga, El Capitxn
3What Do You Think?Agust D/Suga, El Capitxn, Ghstloop
4Strange (Feat. RM)Agust D/Suga, El Capitxn, Ghstloop, RM
528 (Feat. NiiHWA)Agust D/Suga, El Capitxn, Hiss Noise
6Burn It (Feat. MAX)Agust D/Suga, Ghstloop, MAX
7PeopleAgust D/Suga, Pdogg
8HonsoolAgust D/Suga, Pdogg
9Interlude: Set Me FreeAgust D/Suga, Pdogg
10Dear My Friend (Feat. Kim Jong Wan)Agust D/Suga, El Capitxn, Kim Jong Wan

Mixtape Interview

Behind the Scenes of lead single “Daechwita”

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