After School Flashback 5th Maxi Single

Afterschool Flashback 5th Maxi-Single Cover

Afterschool – Flashback Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t wait, my heart is already in danger The moment I saw you again, I’m automatic This kind of feeling is still on and on and on again In just one moment,…

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Afterschool – Rip Off Lyrics

English Translation: Hurry up, ah ah, Hurry up, Hurry up Everyone says that love is difficult But those words are just words to me You stop, all stop, I’m the queen bee I’ll start slowly,…

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Afterschool – Wristwatch Lyrics

English Translation: On a sleepless night, coincidentally I open the worn out drawer and in a corner is a faded wrist watch In the stopped time, the precious memories flicker The small boy who gave…