aespa 3rd Mini Album

aespa 3rd Mini Album Cover

aespa – Spicy Lyrics

Official English Translation: Uh uh too spicy You want my a to the z But you won’t get it, not a chance Take your pick, sweet or freak? What’s hiding underneath (I see) Sittin’ on…

aespa 3rd Mini Album Cover

aespa – Salty & Sweet Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Mmh, ah, ah (salty, sweet) Ooh, ooh, oh (salty, sweet) Pour enough to overflow, stir to thicken More special taste, mix it up Give me ingredients plus Run, run, run, kitty, kitty,…

aespa 3rd Mini Album Cover

aespa – Thirsty Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Yeah I’m knocking on you again The sight gently swaying on the sparkling water surface every day When I look at the unknown you, I get curious about your deep eyes I’m…