A Week Delay of Farewell OST

YURI Breakup Suspension OST Part 1 Cover


English Translation Lyrics: That night when we walked together You put on a soft smile on your face Everything is so clear yet far away But now it’s no more you I’m growing more numb…

Jang Hee Young Breakup Suspension OST Part 2 Cover

Jang Hee Young – I’m Here Lyrics

English Translation: In this frozen time Don’t forget about our destiny All of our memories That shared all moments You and me Just like the passing days Even if you get far away I’m here,…

ONEW A Week Delay of Farewell OST Part 3 Cover

ONEW – Shadow Lyrics

English Translation: When time stops and I close my eyes I can see you You come to me like a single ray of light Knocking on my heart One step behind you I’m only looking…