A Man in a Veil OST

TIM A Man in a Veil OST Part 2 Cover

TIM – Lean On My Shoulder Lyrics

English Translation: You’re just smiling but Deep within my heart There are traces of you remaining Like your calm way of talking That made me feel at peace As I spin around this space between…

Ban Gwang Ok A Man in a Veil OST Part 3 Cover

Ban Gwang Ok – Love, Once Lyrics

English Translation: As the wind brushes my cheeks, I think of your forgotten face As I stumble onto that street, I remember the happy memories of walking with you I remember the times I had…

Sungmin A Man in a Veil OST Part 4 Cover

Sungmin – It’s Fortunate Lyrics

English Translation: What a relief, as much as I waited, you are enough When I see you, tears fall I have a reason to live Let’s just leave without planning Without thinking You’re always enough…