A.Cian Repackage mini-Album

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A.Cian – Where’s Oh My Love Lyrics

English Translation: Submit Lyrics Romanized: I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know Hoow woo woo Nae sone jwieojin han jumui moraewa gachi Gabyeopdi gabyeoun neowa na geurigo…

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A.Cian – Hit Lyrics

English Translation: My passionate wish burns inside my heart Even during the far journey, there’s endless energy What makes me go crazy right now is my dream It’s the strength that pulls me along this…

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A.Cian – Lie Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah… Please don’t go A.cian~ A.cian~ Oh~ A.cian~ A.cian~ Oh~ Already know you’re a bad girl But there’s only you in my heart You’re ma beautiful lady Come back to me With the…