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18 Again OST

SOYOU 18 Again OST Part 1 Cover

SOYOU – The Only One Lyrics

English Translation: Where are you? When I’m standing right here? Will we be able to meet after the night is over? My love Are you listening to my voice? And the love story in my…

Sohyang 18 Again OST Part 2 Cover

Sohyang – Hello Lyrics

English Translation: Hello hello hello hello Hello hello hello hello One day, like a red flower blossomed my dream You made my heart flutter Even after a long day You stayed by my side I…

Choi Nakta 18 Again OST Part 3 Cover

Choi Nakta – If You Lyrics

English Translation: When the wind blows across my cheeks I can’t hide my awkward smile When it softly brushes by me I smile at the thought if you Early in the morning when I open…

Solji 18 Again OST Part 4 Cover

Solji – One Person Lyrics

English Translation: It was so hard to let you go So why is my heart holding onto you again? I try to run far away till I run out of breath But my heart is…

Sondia 18 Again OST Part 5 Cover

Sondia – How To Love Lyrics

English Translation: On a dazzling and beautiful day You knocked on my heart with this small fluttering feeling Suddenly, my world is filled with you How to love How how to love How to love…

Jukjae 18 Again OST Part 6 Cover

Jukjae – Moments Make Memories Lyrics

English Translation: The flowers wilt and another day passes Winter comes again I walk and walk without a destination Because eventually, there is an end I will see the small and faraway light that shined…

Clara C 18 Again OST Part 7 Cover

Clara C – Somebody Lyrics

Official English Translation/Romanized: Want Somebody to love Time Keeps slipping away I have always lived my life Without a care in the world Ooooh Ooooh Can’t imagine love Can’t remember at all I wish I…