2PM – Goodbye Trip Lyrics

English Translation:

My burning love
Became ash in just one moment
You (you you you)
But my voice calls out to you again

Rain is falling on the place that is filled with our memories
I hear you more and more in my ears that were once deaf
My empty heart aches and aches, making me cry
You have left me and gone far away

I’m leaving alone on the farewell trip
My love, my future, my heart can’t breathe

I’m letting you go on the farewell trip
Everything disappeared and burned up but it’s living in the memories

After wandering around for a while by myself
I arrived at the bridge of our memories with our names
I walked for a long time
Love was so hard and sad

I was such a child, you stood behind me
Shedding tears
But I can’t touch you, it’s too late
I can’t control this anymore

Waiting for a long time
You are still vaguely being drawn out before me


Bultago itdeon nae sarangi
Han sungan jaega dwaebeoryeotjiman
Neo (neo. Neo. Neo.)
Neoreul dasi bureuneun nae moksori

Uri chueokdeuri gadeukhan gosen biga naerigo
Deulliji anhatdeon nae gwie neon jeomjeom deulligo
Teong bin nae gaseumeul joyeowa joyeowa nal ulligo
Nal tteona bonae jeo meolliro

Honja tteonanda jeo ibyeollyeohaeng sogeuro
Sarangdo miraedo nae gaseumdo sumswil suga eobseo

Neoreul bonaenda jeo ibyeollyeohaeng sogeuro
Modu sarajyeodo tabeoryeodo chueoge salgo isseo

Hanchameul hemaedaga na honja
Uri ireum chueogui dari wie dochak
Hanchameul georeotji georeotji georeotji
Sarangeun naege cham beogeowotji eoryeowotji seoreowotji

Cheoreopdeon nae moseup nae deung dwie seoseo
Nunmul heullideon neo manjil su eomneun neo dwineutge ganul su eomneun na

Wating for a long time ajikkkajido
Ne moseubi heuritage nae ape geuryeojigo isseo