Younique Unit – MAXSTEP Lyrics

(Luhan, Kai, Hyoyeon, Taemin, Eunhyuk, Henry) English Translation: AH-HA You’re provoking me? UP AND DOWN! You took it a level higher, scream! RIGHT! (MAXSTEP x4) The whole world shakes shakes when seeing my exceptional image My roar resounds into the silent atmosphere, If I hesitated I can’t even escape it, Destroyed, pushed away, only the best of the best survive HANDS UP IN THE AIR! Welcome and acclaim Read more [...]

Jessica – My Lifestyle Lyrics

(Feat. Dok2) English Translation: I jump off my bed and draw the curtains I breathe in the morning – I wanna do it my own way I say good morning to my puppy and have a cup of coffee Wanna hear my small happiness of enjoying the small things in life? (My Unique Lifestyle) Even if I don’t cross oceans It’s a whole new vacation, it’s my style (Let’s go, let’s go) Let’s go, let’s go somewhere Let’s Read more [...]

BoA – Lookin’ Lyrics

(Feat. The Quiett) English Translation: A special something like that I don’t want to live all the same Whenever I want, freely Wherever, take me away Can you take me away? It’s a new day, such a good day Drive your life It’s a new day, such a good day Drive your life Follow me, wherever we go With plenty of feeling, let’s ride with me My wheels weave through this road Do you know how this feels? So Read more [...]