U-KISS – Sexy Baby Lyrics

English Translation: You’re daring, proud and so feisty You keep driving me crazy, shaking my heart so I can’t breathe Sexier than anyone else, and so softly You melt my heart and you play with me like I’m a child Baby It’s a Nightmare, I can’t even sleep because of you Your crystal is hidden behind your white breaths It keeps driving me crazy You’re my Sexy Baby, why are you doing this to me? When Read more [...]

U-KISS – Time To Go Lyrics

English Translation: After you left, it really hurt but I held it in I can’t acknowledge that this is the end Everything around me revolved around you I can’t handle this break up I said no – it’s only you for me I want to tell you but I’m afraid Baby you don’t have to go alone I will always stand only by your side But the time is running out alone We’re always in the same place – I can’t take Read more [...]

U-KISS – Stop Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah (x7) Oh, I’ll be honest with you This really isn’t over – no more, I’m so tired Oh, I’ll wait a little so please don’t cry Time is ticking and the tears in your eyes tellin’ me goodbye Some days, I’ll regret it, some days, I’ll cry Today’s the day that I’ll be flyin’ away yeah I’ll give everything for you, I’ll love for you And now my heart is depleted but Read more [...]