U-KISS – Tick Tock (Kor. Ver.) Lyrics

English Translation: Tonight We Gonna Party Tonight We Gonna Party My first and last love My heart towards you will never change Our own love is so beautiful to me Time flows so let the memories pass Come on let me set you free I'm trying to trap you at this moment Runaway come on let me hold you tonight Tonight we gonna party like we're out of time Tonight we'll live it up under the city lights Tonight as Read more [...]

U-KISS – When Love Stops Lyrics

English Translation: When the wide ocean dries up When the sun loses its light Maybe that’s when this love will stop When the first snow falls for the thousandth time When the stars fall like rain Perhaps that’s when you’ll know my heart that goes only toward you You’re a special person that i long for to the point that it hurts I don’t know the words of separation Even if my life ends and i’m born Read more [...]

U-KISS – 4 U Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah! U-kiss Eli, aj, tell it to ‘em Okay Yessir This one’s for you For you, girl You know what it is Let’s go! Every day, i only think of you I’m going crazy, i can’t sleep at night When i’m with you, i’m happy So baby let’s go You are the only one i will love only you forever Even if you’re not in front of me, I will only look at you Let’s walk together, Let’s Read more [...]


English Translation: What's up with your appearance - I can't even open my eyes and look at you Does that make sense to you? It's so unbelievable, I can't even listen to this What kind of sound is this (sound) - what a ridiculous nuance (nuance) My heart is bouncing bounce bounce You said you didn't like me and left but why are you doing this You cursed at me and left - you're such an irony Leave, leave, leave, Read more [...]