SHINee Taemin – U Lyrics

English Translation: I couldn’t bear to say that I like you Just being by your side like this was good enough Yes, should I muster up some courage one more time? Should I tell you how I feel? You don’t even know my heart and you just smile brightly I’m telling you that I want you I’m telling you that I’m calling you Hold my hand, hold my hand I’m afraid that I’ll lose you I’m telling you that Read more [...]

(The Grace) Dana – Maybe We Lyrics

English Translation: Are you thinking of me right now too? I close my eyes but I keep seeing you Maybe we predicted this from the start You’re such a precious person A person that I will love more Because it’s you out of all these people Because it’s you out of all the ties in the world You’re someone who always protects me A person who loves me more than I love myself A person who makes me laugh just Read more [...]

Taeyeon – Closer Lyrics

English Translation: There are so many things I can't say You never hear it even once Someone that is shown in front of me My love, it's not that kind of love Inside all those people in the world To me, i was only able to see you I'm standing only looking at you I don't know about the future after our love At this moment I'll embrace you like a young child Even if your name becomes unfamiliar someday My heart Read more [...]

Super Junior K.R.Y – Sky Lyrics

English Translation: Tune your ears in – can’t you hear the small whisper? Wherever you hear it, I will be with you Even if you’re far away, the wind calls you This heart rush that only we know touches the end of the blue sky Stay by my side, hold my hand As you listen to the small whispers and what the wind says We just need to fly to the sky We can forget everything just for that moment Because everything Read more [...]

Onew – In Your Eyes Lyrics

English Translation: I have been told once but I felt the heart beating on that day I know from the start I was not sure what, we sounded like it is destiny Love me and Time will lead you Forever without breaking up I thought I was dreaming, like a real dream Remember that day when we first met Dazzling and radiant eyes and gave me such a day Thank you for what you gave me I know from the start I was not Read more [...]

Sunny & Luna – It’s Me Lyrics

English Translation: I love you, I love you, I love you Even if I say it a thousand times, it’s not enough I miss you, I miss you – each moment that I miss you, I miss you more I call you and call you and call you and your face keeps floating up If I hope and hope and hope, will you know how I feel someday? It’s me who only knows you – the person who will only love you is me It’s because meeting you was Read more [...]

J-Min – Stand Up Lyrics

English Translation: Even if life is hard, don’t quit until the end The sky will protect your side Your footsteps are heavy, make some noise You sink down and let out a sigh But one more time, one more try Look to the sky confidently Now is just the beginning Open your shoulders Inside of you is someone like you Don’t give up on your future even if it’s hard Stand up, hold my hand, take the world Like Read more [...]

Jessica & Krystal – Butterfly Lyrics

English Translation: You're cute, so sweet These are the words I always mumble at my lips Whenever you turn your back to me and walk far away I wonder if your heart hurts like me Butterfly, alright, now I know The reason why I always feel empty and hated you at times Because I loved you I can't hide it anymore, gonna tell you that, butterfly Can never forget your shining eyes Under the fireworks that dark night Only Read more [...]