Teen Top “Miss Right” Dance Version

Just a few days after releasing the official music video for their comeback single, Teen Top has yet again excites fans with the release of the dance version for "Miss Right". It will be from their 1st full studio album "No. 1" This will be a great chance for fans to learn their new dance steps. Check it out below. Read more [...]

Teen Top “Be Ma Girl” Practice Video

Teen Top finally releases how it's made aka their practice video for the latest installment "Be Ma Girl". Fans will clearly see their dance steps making it easier to dance to this song. A noteworthy part is the intro where they do the stomping which doesn't really show on the actual music video. UPDATE: A heart version of their practice video has now been released! What do you think about this video? Read more [...]

Teen Top releases Dance Version for “Be Ma Girl”

Teen Top finally releases the dance version for their follow up single "Be Ma Girl" from their Summer mini-Album. In this version, you will really want to dance with the routine as it include some cool moves like the dougie. Check it out below. Read more [...]